About us

Blauwe Hotspot Dordrecht (Blue Hotspot Dordrecht, formerly known as PPS Waterroute) is a community for students, teachers and professionals. The community focuses on blue-green themes, including water quality, water safety, subsidence and climate-proof cities, and forms a meeting place (both online and at a physical location) where knowledge can be shared about these themes. In this manner, entrepreneurs, municipalities, social organisations and education institutes are working together to train a new generation of students who have the right skills to devise and implement climate solutions.

Blauwe Hotspot acts as a broker, bringing together parties like for example students and employees, with the objective of working together and learning from each other. Participating in projects in which students and entrepreneurs work together on regional assignments is of great importance to the Blauwe Hotspot.

Our goal is to create expertise and to educate people in knowledge and skills so that they can address the (future) challenges related to water and climate issues. We undertake to organise effectively this infrastructure of expertise in order to contribute our knowledge and human capital to our region. We aspire to advance from research and innovation to knowledge creation, co-design, new products and processes, leading towards better education and a life long development of professionals.

Blauwe Hotspot Dordrecht is a certified European Living Lab and is a partner of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Living Labs (LLs) are defined as user-centred, open innovation ecosystems based on systematic user co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings. For more information, please contact us: [email protected]